Triple Scale Homebrew Beer Wine Hydrometer Gravity Tester Lead Free + Carry Case

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Our Triple Scale Hydrometer makes it easy to measure the sugar content of your delicious beverage, analyze the fermentation, and determine just when your brew is ready to enjoy. When used properly, your Hydrometers will float in your liquid and the reading where the liquid first touches the Hydrometer (the meniscus) is the specific gravity or sugar content.
Why choose the LD Carlson Brew Triple Scale Hydrometer?
Easy to read (hydrometer colors are clear and legible)



IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to sanitize your hydrometers before and after use. DO NOT BOIL. Like any good brew kit, your Brew Triple Scale Hydrometer is crafted of the highest quality. The glass is fragile and should be handled carefully. Most brewers have broken at least one. Don't find yourself without a backup!
Easy to use Measures 3 scales: Specific Gravity (Sp.Gr.), Brix, and Alcohol by Volume (ABV) Easy to understand instruction sheet Conversion chart Protective plastic case for each hydrometer

Package include:

1- Alcohol Hydrometer
1- Instructions
1- Case



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