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Upromax embarked on its venture in the United States in 2015, specializing in retail sales and exporting a curated selection of brands to Latin America. The company employs diverse strategies, handling both direct representation and marketing under its proprietary labels.

Diversifying its market presence, Upromax strategically employs multiple sales channels to maximize its reach and impact:
- **2 Amazon Stores:** Leveraging the e-commerce giant, Upromax taps into a vast online marketplace to connect with a wide range of customers.
- **6 eBay Stores:** The use of multiple eBay stores allows Upromax to cater to a diverse customer base, capitalizing on the platform's global reach.
- **1 Walmart Store:** The presence in a major retail giant like Walmart provides Upromax with an avenue for in-store sales, reaching a more traditional retail audience.
- **2 Online Stores:** Direct online sales through dedicated platforms enable Upromax to cultivate its online presence and engage with customers directly.

Upromax proudly holds several trademarks for its proprietary brands, each representing a distinct niche within the market:
1. **The Spirit Of The Forest:** This brand focuses on probiotic supplements tailored for exotic and sustainable specialty foods, catering to health-conscious consumers with a taste for unique culinary experiences.
2. **Upromax:** Under this brand, Upromax has carved a niche in the market for counterfeit money detectors, providing innovative solutions to combat the challenges posed by counterfeit currency.
3. **MegaDetector:** Positioned in the security sector, MegaDetector has become a recognized brand in the field of metal detectors, offering cutting-edge technology and reliable performance.

In addition to its own brands, Upromax plays a crucial role in the distribution of several renowned brands in the USA:
1. **Quest:** Known for its metal detectors, Quest products are trusted for their quality and precision, catering to hobbyists and professionals alike.
2. **Minelab:** A prominent name in the metal detector industry, Minelab has established itself as a reliable choice for those seeking advanced metal detection technology.
3. **Garrett:** Renowned for its high-performance metal detectors, Garrett has been a key player in the market, providing solutions for security and industrial applications.
4. **3M:** In the automotive sector, Upromax distributes 3M's paint protection film and wrap, offering customers top-notch products for safeguarding and enhancing the aesthetics of their vehicles.

Upromax's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has propelled its success in the competitive landscape, positioning it as a leader in retail and distribution across the Americas.


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