Quest Q30+ Metal Detector w/Wirefree Lite Headphones& RaptorX TurboD 9×11″ Coil

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Quest Q30 PLUS Metal Detector with RaptorX TurboD 9" x 11" Coil

Quest Q30 Metal Detector
RaptorX TurboD 9x11" Coil
Water Resistance up to 5m
Frequency: 14KHz VLF
Increased search efficiency in salt water
Vibration mode to search underwater
15 volume levels
Modes: Park, Field, Beach, Gold
Two levels of brightness on LED
25 Signal segments
Threshold, tones, FeSen
Automatic or Manual ground balance
99 Targets Identification Numbers
Charging via a magnetic link
Battery with a capacity of up to 3000mAh
Telescopic seat post with a maximum folding of 80cm
Depth reader
QuestGo Connection
Armrest with support
Weight: 1.15kg



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