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Induction Hob Heat Diffuser Stainless Steel, Lite Weight (28cm / 11")

Induction Hob Heat Diffuser Stainless Steel, Lite Weight (28cm / 11")

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Upromax 11" Stainless Steel Induction Hob Heat Diffuser 

 This is the perfect gadget to improve your cooking. By evenly distributing the heat that reaches the pan you can accomplish the following results:  Avoid any hot or burnt spots and thus and Achieve an even taste and a even texture. 

The Upromax Heat Diffuser is primarily essential for gas stoves that are powerful and setting the flame low is difficult. This is quite essential for dishes that need to simmer and hence low settings are crucial such as making caramel, simmering sauces and melting chocolate.  Even heat distribution. Apart from the already mentioned benefits, this gadget allows you to use all your regular pans on an induction surface. Believe it or not, you don't have to buy any induction pans, you simply need to place the Upromax heat diffuser on the induction surface and your regular pan is converted into an induction pan.

The Heat Diffuser distributes the heat evenly, which in return improves the quality of your cooking and most importantly the taste of the food. The item can also be used as a gas hob trivet stabiliser no matter how small the pan is.   The diffuser comes with a handle so you can easily move it without the risk of burning yourself.

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