UPROMAX Deluxe Set Proof & Tralle Hydrometer ALCOHOL METER test SPIRIT SCALE 0-200% + JAR + Digital Thermometer

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Upromax Proof and Tralle Hydrometer

0 to 200 percent scale is Proof of Spirit scale.

The 0 to 100 Scale is for percent of alcohol by Volume, Tralles.

This Hydrometer is for Distilled alcohol Only. It Cannot be used For Beer, Wine or any other fermented Beverage.

Home Brew Proof Hydrometer To Measure Alcohol Content Distilled Tester

Proof Scale: 0 - 200
Tralle Scale: 0 - 100% (1% Resolution)
Temperature Calibration: 60F (15.6C)
Length: approx. 20cm (7.9in)
Width (at widest point): approx. 18mm (0.71in )
Width (at narrowest point): approx. 9mm (0.35in)
Tube Body: Glass
Internal Scale: Paper
Internal Weight: Metal

Package include:

1- Alcohol Hydrometer with case

1- Unbreakable  Test Jar

1- Cloth

1- Thermometer

1- Instructions

1. Deluxe Wood Box for safety storage




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