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5 pcs KN95 Respirator Filter Mask / FFP2 NR

5 pcs KN95 Respirator Filter Mask / FFP2 NR

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Non-woven, antibacterial sanitary hot air cotton, melt blown cloth. 3D design according to the contour of the face, increase space for mouth and nose, reduce respiratory resistance.


Five Protection Layers 
Layer1 Outerlayerof themaskisnon-wovenfabric 
Layers2-3 Polypropylenemeltblownfabric
Layers4 -5 Waterproofnon-wovenfabric 


Bacterial Filtration Efficiency(BFE) BFE @ 3.0 ђm 
Differential Pressure 4.0 mm of H2O/cm2
Particulate Filtration Efficiency(PFE) PFE @ 0.1 ђm 

5pcs / Bag 

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