Virtual Reality 3D Goggles for Promark P70-VR Works most all SmartPhones

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Watch 3D movies and play VR games with the Promark Virtual Reality 3D Goggles. Compatible with nearly every smartphone (screen sizes 3.5”-6”), these fully-immersive goggles are your ticket into the rapidly expanding world of virtual reality content; including 3D movies and videos, virtual reality gaming, and VR-inspired apps, such as Promark Drones’ “Promark VR” aerial photography app, which gives the user a first-person view streamed directly from the drone’s camera while in-flight. Featuring a comfortable foam face guard, fully-adjustable optical lenses, and a front-hinge protective cover and strong magnetic latch, both you and your phone will be locked in and protected while exploring your new virtual reality world.



Premium 3D glasses for VR and immersive drone video. 
Watch3D movies and play VR games. 
Fits most smartphones. 
Fully-immersivevisual experience 
Protective cover 
Strongmagnetic cover latch 
Comfortable foam faceguard. 
Adjustable nylon straps. 
Fully-adjustable optical lenses (front/back & left/right) 

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