3m ScotchGard Paint Protection Film Manual Installation

Door Edge Guard Installation Instructions

Installation Tools:  A mixture of 75 percent water and 25 percent isopropyl alcohol* in a spray bottle  General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner for difficult-to-remove tar or debris  A clean, lint-free cloth

Important Tips: Hands must be thoroughly clean during the entire film application process. Fingerprints, dirt, and skin oils show up easily on the adhesive and are very difficult to remove. Avoid application in windy conditions.

Wind may carry dust or other debris onto the adhesive, which may show through the film on the vehicle. 

  • Clean the door edge on both the interior and exterior surfaces using the alcohol/water solution* and a clean, lint-free cloth. If necessary, use 3M™ General Purpose Adhesive cleaner to eliminate any difficult-to-remove tar or other substances.
  • With the liner still in place on the film, hold the part to the door edge and check for fit. Trim the film to the desired length, cutting the bottom edge to achieve the desired look.
  • Spray clean hands with the alcohol/water solution. It is not necessary to wet the film or vehicle with this solution due to the narrow width of the film.
  • Remove the liner, being careful not to contaminate the adhesive.
  • Beginning at the top, press the film onto the door surface with about half of the width on the door edge, and half extending beyond the door edge.
  • Continue this process down the door edge to the bottom of the film.
  • Carefully fold the film around the door edge, beginning at the top and moving down.
  • Check for air bubbles and ensure that all surfaces are well secured with finger pressure.